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TUTUSTU mitä me osaamme ja teemme



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BLOGI syyskuuta 20, 2017

It’s a fact: great teams have great leaders!

When I talk to people about leadership and great teams I tell them about how there is no general rule that can be followed in all cases and about the continuous journey that requires involvement and sometimes compromise from everyone.

About me briefly 

I have been working in IT for almost 11 years in 3 countries with colleagues from different parts of the world. This means that in a rather short time I had the luxury to learn a lot about work environments, various cultures and I also ran into multiple challenges which most probably only occur in such environments.  

Even more important, I had the tremendous luck to work with and have as mentors colleagues that are among the best in their field, who also enjoyed helping others grow. With this I noticed a trend: great teams, have great leaders! 

In short 

Teams are made of people, people are different, follow their own career path and go through various stages in their lives. On top of this, there is the human nature factor: some of us are more competitive than others, some would prioritize higher their own needs and success compared to team's needs and success and so on. 

With all these differences and challenges, there are still great teams out there. 

What do these teams do differently? 

· They respect each other.

· They learn to be good listeners and take into account everyone's opinion.

· They take responsibility for both their successes and failures.

· They trust each other. · They know that each and every team member is important.

· They believe that knowledge sharing will not make you irreplaceable, but it will help both you and the team evolve.

· They are not afraid to ask for help.

· They do not let conflicts go undiscussed, but bring these out in the open and talk it through.

· They regularly pause and reflect on how things are progressing and look into what should be improved next.

· They have good sense of humour that keeps morale up also during hard times.

· They are happy and supportive of a colleague's success.

· And they do not forget to also have fun and celebrate achievements. 

Where do the team leaders fit in?  

They are the ones that nurture the team by encouraging the values derived from above items.  And let me tell you, it can sometimes be an extremely bumpy ride and this is when you know that change is happening! :-)  

What do you think makes a team great?  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments around this. 

Ana Chiritescu, MuleSoft Practice Lead, Enfo Integration