TUTUSTU mitä me osaamme ja teemme
TUTUSTU mitä me osaamme ja teemme



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blogi lokakuuta 03, 2017


After spending 3 hours at From One to Another’s (FOTA) yearly Event on Thursday I am so happy to work at a company that believes that everyone and everybody needs to chip in to care for our planet and the people who inhabits it. Enfo not only believes, Enfo has also committed to budget FOTA’s computer school for the coming three years. Enfo will ensure that all costs around the computer school is managed as well as sending an employee to teach at a one week boot-camp. As Enfo Integrations CSR responsible, I will be the first to be able to go. The first computer boot-camp will be held in early December I will in addition to teach at the boot camp build up the needed network between Enfo and the computer school and teachers. I will tell more about the experiences from the trip and work in Kenya in a later post.

Now I want to describe the extremely strong experience tonight’s event gave me. The stories told about how FOTA from starting from basically nothing has been able to give out 196 scholarships. The scholarships enables girls to receive high-school diplomas and thus being able to go further to college on state scholarships. Hearing from his excellence the Ambassador of Kenya how Kenya worked towards UN’s sustainability goals and how he appreciated the work FOTA does. Another strong talk was given by Anders Lundin from Värdegrundsfabriken presenting stories to support his philosophy “All you do, all you do not do matters and you are important”-. This he did in a way that forced me to wipe my eyes.  It was not only due to the fact that he gifted his book to everyone that tonight became member of FOTA, that I became member, but I am glad I am going to receive the book. Tonight was the first time I have been in on a “people-auction” Björn Höglund of Dale Carnegie gifted FOTA with one day leadership course. Björn was auctioned off at SEK 42 000:- which is 21 scholarships.

I want to leave you with one story that Louise Felldin gave us. First time she was in Kenya as a volunteer she met a lady which sat on the first row very intent and willing to learn how to read and write. She was around 30 and had lost her mother when she was around 6 and had been forced to take care of her younger brother and home supporting her father so this was the first time she had been able to go to school. Louise and this lady became close friends. Half a year later Louise received a phone call from Kenya her friend was in hospital dying together with her unborn child as she could not afford the money for a caesarian. Naturally Louise funded the for a Swede small amount and both mother and child survived.  Such a small act made such a huge difference! Next time Louise went to Kenya she was introduced to a child named Louise whose life she had saved.

I could keep on forever narrating the stories we were told, things we learnt and the warm and giving people we met but I would rather let you yourself find out more about the warm and caring organization FOTA is.

We can all make a difference and with all of us doing small things, we will together move mountains and create miracles. Please visit https://fromonetoanother.se/sv/hem/ and read about what they are doing, enjoy the stories and see if there is something you can do to help.

Kristina Lid, Enfo Integration