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Timo Varjus

Finding new solutions is what drives Timo Varjus, Solution Manager, at his job.

When he was younger Timo Varjus used to love playing tennis. As a technology professional though, his keen eye is focussed on the world of work, the world of IT to be precise. He’s motivated by an in-built desire to solve problems. 

Why did you go into IT?

“Alongside my love of sport, I’ve always been interested in the world of IT and technology. That’s why I decided to focus on the world of technology. My bachelor’s degree in business and IT gave me a good foundation to dig deeper into the technical side and the world of work sucked me in quickly too – while I was still studying in fact.” 

How has your career gone in the IT sector, in terms of communication solutions in particular?

“My career started on an IT help desk. Right from the start the work has been customer-focussed problem solving, working with people and the technology. A couple of years ago my attention was instantly grabbed by a vacancy at Enfo. The job with communication solutions was right up my street. Fortunately I got the job and that’s where my Enfo journey started. My work is exactly the kind of work that I like. I develop LYNC communication solutions for companies. I get to solve technical challenges, and with a great team too.”

How would you describe the workplace culture at Enfo?

“People are allowed to be individuals. Right from the start I felt that my boss was open and flexible. You genuinely do get the freedom to arrange things yourselves here. Another thing I noticed from day one was the great, relaxed atmosphere. When you’ve got that, it’s easy to get down to work – and be yourself. Our team spirit, with seamless mutual interaction, sees us through even the most challenging tasks. There are lots of options for the future here too. I might like to switch to producing applications maybe, alongside infrastructure solutions. There’s room for you to grow!”

What are you enthusiastic about?

“The sector moves at a good pace, sometimes you’re urgently looking for quick solutions and others you’re left in peace to dig out the underlying cause of problems. 

What I like about my work is the way I get to dive deeper under the surface of things. When you’re solving problems you notice your own understanding expanding every time. And if everything doesn’t go well, as it were, your brain keeps on ticking even more. At the same time you get more of a learning experience. That’s how you grow. You’ll sort the problems out more easily next time.”

Tell us about a memorable project.

“Eventually I was given responsibility for an extensive project linked to a communication solution. I was involved in designing it right up to realisation. The challenge of the project lay in finding the most suitable IT solutions for the client while respecting existing solutions. The problem was resolved together with the client. In the project I was able to be involved in creating a bigger entity and seeing the challenges and successes of the different stages.”

What advice would you give to other people interested in the sector?

“Attitude is everything. If you’re brave enough to try, you’ll usually start to find the answers to the problem. It’s important to understand the connections between different things and to be keen to explore them and work them out. Education is an excellent starting point but getting to grips with challenges and learning by doing – those are the building blocks that will soon see you soaring further in your career!”

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