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Dorotea Gawek - Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

If Enfo was a restaurant…



In my profession as well as outside of work I often get the question ’What kind of company is Enfo?’. I must admit that this question makes we somewhat uncomfortable and I easily and most often give the answer that is rather expected… We are an IT service company with around 900 employees, primarily focusing on the Nordic market with multiple offices around Finland and Sweden. Although it is all true and in the matter effect even facts that nobody in the right sense of mind would question, it fells wrong.  Or more precisely inadequate. These short facts do not capture the passionate people behind and for sure they are not answering the question why I have soon dedicated four years of the one life I have (cause I am kinda not sure if we have more) to this company.

So, let’s try to tell this story differently…

If you have ever observed well-renowned chefs, you are immediately struck by their passion or perhaps more accurate - obsession with ingredients. Not only their source in form of the geographical area they were brought up, but the composition of the soil, the number of sun hours, the farmer’s harvesting technique, the air humidity they were stored … all in order to secure the most refined end-product - the food plate served to a dinner guest. 

For us it is the same, it all starts with our ingredient – the talent. We might not control the number of sun hours our consultants were exposed to during their childhood or the percentage of air humidity during their teens, but we are as any well-renowned chef obsessed the with scouting the right talent. This obsession might sometimes take us far east, sourcing talent from India or over the Baltic Sea to Poland. Some we grow in our own garden in the form of interns and trainees, but in most cases, we find them on the local market – within the Nordics. We embrace diversity and believe it makes us stronger and the criteria are always high as only the best ingredients could be combined to a perfect dish.

And now you might think that the story ends here, but as you might have noticed not many restaurants open (or at least not survive) to serve ‘the perfect carrot’ or ‘most marbled steak’. A chef’s talent is very much based on his or her taste palette. Their unique ability to put together ingredients of just the right amount in order to create a taste explosion that evokes feelings in the dinner guest and set them up for an unforgettable experience. And this is where our magic comes in, having a wide selection of ingredients, many competence areas that can be combined to the right solution for our customers. It is when ‘Identity Access Management’, ‘Integration’ is combined with a hint of ‘Analytics’ we hit the taste buds of our customers. Being outstanding in one area is admirable but it is the collaboration that creates magic. And once you mixed the ingredients you wouldn’t dream to toss them into a Teflon pan, but take out your newly polished Mauviel pan in copper and delicately simmer them on a low heat. As chefs choose the finest cookware, we choose renowned technology partners as AWS, IBM, Microsoft to complete our solutions. We take pride in the end-result and as chefs we wipe the rim of the plate before we call ‘service’.

So, next time I am asked what kind of company Enfo is, I will be very tempted to answer…

A one that is bursting of passion, obsessed with ingredients and serves


The experience of a sensory trip, without borders, to meet the vegetable, terrestrial and marine essences of our universe.*


Bon Appétit!


Dorotea Gawek, Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding at Enfo
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* The menu of Mirazur, named The World's Best Restaurant 2019 (




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