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93% of our customers would recommend Enfo – we continue to excel in customer experience

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Enfo's customers recommend Enfo


According to Enfo’s latest customer experience survey, 93% of our customers would recommend Enfo. Our overall customer satisfaction reached an average of 4.2, on a scale from 1–5.

Enfo carries out a customer experience survey twice a year. The aim is to learn about customer satisfaction related to Enfo’s services and experts. The latest survey was carried out during May 2022, and 120 of Enfo’s customers from Finland and Sweden took part in it.

93% of the respondents are willing to recommend Enfo to others. This is an increase of 1% compared with the previous survey from the end of 2021. The overall satisfaction with Enfo as a partner was 4.2 (scale 1-5), which is an improvement from 4.0 in the previous survey. Customers also consider Enfo a responsible partner that is able to support their sustainable business; the score for this question was 4.1.

“We are very happy to see that Enfo has kept its high level in customer satisfaction and has been able to improve already high scores,” says Sanna Mari Alppivuori, SVP Sales Finland.

“Customer satisfaction is one of our key focus areas. I am pleased to see that our customers continue to value our collaboration, as well as Enfo’s deliveries and wide expertise. We always want to improve, and by listening to our customers, we ensure that we continue to be seen as a trusted and responsible partner,” says Robert Grafford, SVP Sales Sweden.

Enfo delivers on its promise

Enfo’s customer promise is “Results you want, with people you love to work with”. The promise was acknowledged in the customer survey, as customers gave a rating of 4.6 when asked whether it is nice to work with Enfonians. The respondents also feel that Enfo delivers what has been agreed on; the average score for this question was 4.2, which was an improvement from 4.1 in the last survey.

“This success is a result of the excellent and dedicated work by our highly skilled professionals. When asked about Enfo’s strengths, our customers mention our expertise, customer focus, and smooth cooperation. They also appreciate our flexibility, agility, and locality, as well as our customer knowledge and long relationships. The measurements and the answers prove that we meet our customer promise,” Alppivuori concludes.