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Responsibility at Enfo

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Enfo acts and wants to act responsibly. The UN's sustainability principles (Agenda 2030) and the Paris Climate Agreement (2016) set the direction for our sustainability work. We are also committed to complying with the objectives of the EU Sustainability Directive CSRD. In addition, we set targets for our activities in the context of our industry and our certificates confirm that we are developing and maintaining the stability of our operations and the necessary processes from different perspectives. For Enfo, sustainability means taking into account the environment, other people and the community as well as implementing administrative compliance and integrity in day-to-day work and decision-making. Sustainability is also important to our customers and Enfo is part of their ecosystem. We enable our customers' operations through sustainable and responsible business-critical solutions in a multi-platform environment.

In Enfo's service production, a distinction can be made between the basic IT needs and services that every business must implement in order to operate, and the continuous development of the IT environment. Enfo operates with customers on both of these areas. Our development- and growth opportunities are related both to the cost-effective development and growth of basic services alongside customers and to the development of customers' IT environments. We work closely with our partners to bring technological development opportunities to our customers. One of our latest themes is exploring the potential of artificial intelligence in the delivery of IT services.

We at Enfo look at sustainability through the lens of the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. Economically sound business, customer relationship management and managed delivery performance form the basis on which we also implement other areas of sustainability. This requires taking into account environmental, social and economic opportunities and risks in Enfo's strategy and operations.

Our values guide our actions

Enfo's values are based on cooperation and trust. Expertise is at the core of our operations, and our success is supported by continuous development.

Continuous development includes also increasing our knowledge and understanding of sustainability issues. For us, sustainability means creating and ensuring sustainable value both in our internal operations and in our customer production. Creating sustainability is also about collaboration between different parts of the supply chain, and we draw on a wide range of expertise in our development.

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Environmental responsibility


Enfo implements sustainable and environmentally friendly practices for example through the use of energy-efficient technologies, waste reduction and recycling. We deliver IT services that are essential to our customers' business, ensure the resilience and continuity of our customers' businesses and work for a more sustainable and secure tomorrow. As Enfo does not manufacture products, the environmental impact of our operations is mainly related to facilities and office services, data center and electricity consumption, company cars and business travel.

Enfo's concrete actions for environmental responsibility

  1. Environmental responsibility is recognized in business. It is Enfo's obligation and will to be an environmentally sustainable player in our ecosystem. Enfo is committed to operating in accordance with the environmental system of the ISO 14001 standard and to implement, maintain and continuously improve its environmental system. Enfo has published and implemented environmental policy guidelines (Environmental Policy) in its organization.

  2. Our devices are used optimally and through this we take care of their life cycle as long as possible. We take care of the correct recycling of devices when their life cycle comes to an end.

  3. Our staff has the possibility to work remotely, which helps them to achieve a flexible working life and to reduce transport emissions from commuting. Our travel policy also recommends the use of public transport wherever possible.

  4. Enfo operates in rental properties developed by professional office suppliers in modern environments that suit our work.

  5. No area of ​​Enfo's operations requires a separate environmental permit. Small amounts of fuel, oils and other chemicals are used in data center operations and in the repairment, and national and local requirements are followed for them.

  6. Our measures of environmental responsibility include the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) value for the efficient use of energy in the data center.

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Social responsibility


Social responsibility is in the core of our expert-driven business, and cooperation and trust form the basis of our values. We strive to create positive effects both in our own work environment and in all stakeholder groups and communities in which we influence. For us, this means things like:

Employing over 300 workers.

Skills development. With expertise at the heart of our business, we invest in the development of our employees by providing training and supporting on-the-job learning and career development.

Flexible remote working opportunities. Enfo offers its employees flexible remote working opportunities. Teleconferencing and video conferencing enable close collaboration even over long distances, saving time and reducing emissions.

Supporting well-being. The coping and well-being of all Enfo employees is supported in many ways. Enfo has an active occupational health and safety committee, and we have an early support model in place, so that factors that threaten the ability to work can be tackled at a sufficiently early stage. In addition, we take care of well-being with, among other things, mental well-being services, employee benefits and with an ergonomic office work environment. We understand the common good requires dialogue and monitoring the effects of actions. This is why we regularly ask and listen to the views of our staff.

Good employee experience. We carry out an annual employee survey on employee experience and monitor employee satisfaction with a continuous pulse. In November 2023, a more extensive staff survey was carried out, which provided information on the working atmosphere. The results were of a good level and always give us ideas for further development. The aim is to take into account the opinions and expertise of our staff while we monitor and develop our working conditions.

Enabling a good customer experience. We have a high level of customer satisfaction. In a customer survey conducted at the end of 2023, 9/10 of customer companies would recommend Enfo.

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Financial and administrative responsibility


Enfo follows the principles of good governance and strives to operate ethically and efficiently in all our activities. Transparency is implemented wherever possible, considering strong data security. We follow ethical procurement principles and support the potential of the circular economy. We pay attention to supplier selection and sustainability. We also require all our partners to act responsibly in accordance with our Code of Conduct, to which a written commitment is made. Our customers expect the same of us.

Compliance and compliance with the law

At Enfo, supervisor work and leadership, as well as management of delivery processes, are of high quality. This is reflected, for example, in our quality and management system certification ISO 9001. We work to improve our services and deliver the best quality to our customers. We want this to be visible to the outside world too. Enfo is a major player in the Finnish IT ecosystem and we are aware of our responsibility in this field.

Information security

As an IT company, information security is an integral part of all our operations and service production. We take care of the security of both our employees and our customers and are committed to protecting our customers from cyber threats within the scope of our services. We always treat our customers' and partners' data with confidence and ensure its integrity and availability. ISO27001 and Katakri 2020 certifications are proof that Enfo meets even the most demanding security requirements.

Continuous development as part of the IT ecosystem

Enfo contributes to the development of a more responsible IT ecosystem and community. We strive to take a critical look at our activities and are aware that we are not yet ready, but that we need to continue our development work in the area of sustainability in the long term, both independently and in cooperation with others.

Code of conduct

Enfo has drawn up and follows its Code of Conduct, which is in line with Finnish and European legislation. We are committed to following the principles of ethics and responsibility in all our activities and we cherish the safety and respect of all parties that our business affects.


Enfo's whistleblowing channel can be used to report suspected misconduct or wrongdoing, such as bribery or corruption, other illegal activity or unethical behavior in violation of our Code of Conduct. The channel is provided by an external partner and encrypted to ensure anonymity.

Whistleblowing reporting channel



Enfo has the following certifications in place, which are maintained on an ongoing basis and include the reporting and auditing of environmental responsibility and sustainability issues to an external accredited body:

  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System

  • ISO9001 Quality Management System

  • ISO27001 Information sScurity Management System

In addition to the above, Enfo's data center complies with the requirements of the national Katakri 2020 safety audit criteria in sub-areas T (Security Management) and F (Physical Security) and has a certificate issued by the auditing institution.

Enfo is preparing to fulfill the CSRD reporting requirements so that the necessary data can be collected from the beginning of 2025 for the reporting obligation that will come into force in the beginning of 2026. The reporting will cover ESG content (environmental responsibility, social responsibility and governance).


Certificates ISO14001, Katakri2020, ISO9001, ISO27001