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Smooth network services are a prerequisite for all business operations. A lot of business-critical information is transferred and a large number of different devices managed in networks. Ensuring business continuity requires a functional and reliable network solution. At Enfo, we want to be your partner also in data communication solutions.

Customized comprehensive solutions

At Enfo, we understand that organizations' data communication needs can vary greatly. Our service time options extend to 24/7 service. With our extensive expertise, we design the right solution for each organization, utilizing, among other things, the following service areas:

Local area network services

In the local area network service, Enfo is responsible for monitoring, managing, and developing the customer's local area network environment. Enfo monitors the customer's local area network devices and reacts to events from the monitoring system and customer, or based on The predictive trend data produced by the network management system. The local area network service covers both wired and wireless networks.

Firewall services

In the firewall service, Enfo monitors the customer's firewalls and performs work requests and incident management according to the agreed service time. The service can be provided centrally from Enfo's shared firewall capacity or to customer-owned firewalls.

Remote access service (VPN)

The remote access service provides a secure, application-based solution to create a connection from a workstation or mobile device to the company's internal network using connection points located in Enfo's private cloud. The remote access service is fully integratable into the customer's existing corporate network architecture.

DDoS protection service

The DDoS protection service provides comprehensive detection of DDoS attacks, enabling rapid identification and response. Advanced traffic profiling algorithms and real-time traffic analysis tools can quickly identify the sources and nature of DDoS attacks. The service automatically blocks malicious traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through without changes. Countermeasures are initiated in the event of an attack.

Domain management

With the public DNS record management service, the customer centralizes, for example, the management of and domain names to Enfo. Enfo is responsible for the maintenance and change management of domain records. The basic service level includes monitoring and renewal the validity of the DNS record.