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The importance of security in all business activities has increased year by year. At Enfo, security is an integral part of all our operations and service production. We are a comprehensive partner for our customers also in security, and we see the security as a layered solution that combines both administrative and technical measures, services, and processes.

By anticipating risks, we ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information throughout its life cycle. We are committed to implementing security proactively and are prepared to handle deviations quickly.

We utilize a centralized security management model, supported by multiple technical solutions to ensure the security at all layers. We always handle our customers' and partners' information with confidentiality and ensure its integrity and availability. The ISO 27001 and Katakri 2020 certifications are evidence that Enfo meets even the most demanding security requirements. To ensure compliance, we also regularly audit our partners.

Security consulting

At Enfo, we see administrative security as one of the most important areas of security. Without a clear understanding of an organization's security maturity, it is difficult to develop security comprehensively to meet modern requirements. Security should be part of a company's culture, requiring full commitment and support from the company's management.

Our consulting services cover the following areas:

Security assessment

• Security Awareness programs

• Phishing simulations

• Security maturity assessment and development

Security development

• Security management systems and policies

• Data protection consulting

• Risk management

• Continuity management

Threat detection

Our SOC service provides comprehensive and effective protection against security threats. Technical implementations of our 24/7-operating Security Operations Center (SOC) are based on Microsoft's advanced cloud-based solutions. Our service includes monitoring and responding to threats for both on-premises and cloud-based systems and identities. The service includes real-time monitoring of threats 24/7, threat response and mitigation, continuous service improvement, and reporting.

Vulnerability management reduces the likelihood and impact of security breaches. Service helps define the impact of identified vulnerabilities on the organization's infrastructure. Service provides up-to-date information on the organization's security situation, and situation reports are reported to the customer by Enfo´s security experts.

Continuous Services

Enfo´s service production is ISO27001 certified, and our data centers are Katakri 2020 certified. In addition, we secure our customers' operations with several different services.

Identity and access management solutions enable secure and efficient identity management at all levels of organizations. In our own service production, we have implemented role-based access control (RBAC), and our experts authenticate to management systems using multi-factor authentication (MFA). We offer these same solutions also to our customers. Our solutions also enable the control of extended privileges to be limited to a specific moment (JIT).

Our network services cover wide range of security services, such as firewall, VPN, DNS, and DDoS protection solutions.

The foundation of endpoint security is up-to-date and active management of security updates and malware protection. In addition, the workstations covered by our services undergo regular operating system version updates.

Server Security includes the same service components as endpoints. In addition, we can improve server security with various additional services and measures, such as hardening, encryption, malware detection services, micro-segmentation, and log management.

Our backup solutions cover data located in data centers, clouds, and cloud services regardless of location. With our advanced backup solutions, we can detect anomalies in data and react quickly and efficiently to these deviations.

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