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Ari Virtanen and Jani Vahvanen strengthening the Enfo Board of Directors

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Jani Vahvanen and Ari Virtanen are new board members of Enfo Oyj


Ari Virtanen and Jani Vahvanen have been elected new Board members of Enfo Oyj.

Ari Virtanen is Founding Partner at Granarium, an executive advisor company. Virtanen has a background in executive search and a strong track record from business leadership – he was President and CEO of Ensto 2016-2019 and before that he held leading positions at Kone, Elektrobit, Nokia Multimedia and Nokia Networks. In addition, Virtanen has extensive experience as a Board member.

“Enfo is in an interesting position, and it is great to join to build the company’s next phase. Especially in this industry, profitable growth is built on the right corporate culture and excellent competences,” says Virtanen.

Jani Vahvanen is Managing Director at Schneider Electric Finland Oy and Cluster President for the Baltics countries. Before that, he served as Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Oy, with responsibility for Finland and the Baltics.

“I look forward to the Board membership and I see that my role at Schneider supports this as well as the other way around. Digitalization is continuously accelerating, and it is enabling decision making based on an exploding amount of data from various systems. Interesting times are ahead of us,” comments Vahvanen.

The Annual General meeting held on March 24, 2021 also elected Kaisa Olkkonen and Mikko Laine to continue as members of the Board. At the constitutive meeting held after the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors elected Kaisa Olkkonen as the Chairperson. The Board of Directors appointed Anssi Lehikoinen as observer to the Board of Directors.


Image: Jani Vahvanen (left), Ari Virtanen (right)