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Enfo customer satisfaction again on a high level – more than 90% of our customers are willing to recommend us

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92% of our customers recommend Enfo


Enfo surveys customer experience twice a year and the latest survey was conducted in November and December 2021. 92% of the customers that responded to the survey were willing to recommend Enfo. This figure has remained at the same high level the past few years.

“We are very happy with this result,” says Sanna Mari Alppivuori, SVP Sales Finland at Enfo. “Customer satisfaction is one of Enfo’s main KPIs and we work every day to achieve it. The survey results show that also this year we have been able to meet our customer expectations.”

In the survey, it was also screened what is the overall satisfaction of the customers. The result has remained high and the grade given by the respondents was 4.0 (scale 1-5). As Enfo’s strengths, the respondents mentioned, for instance, expertise, flexibility, customer-centricity and fluent cooperation.

According to the Enfo value proposition, it’s nice to work with Enfonians and Enfo delivers the results that customers are expecting. In the survey, the grades given are in line with the value proposition: “It is one of the highlights of this survey from year to year that our customers like working with us. With this question, the grade was very high, 4.6 (scale 1-5). In addition, our customers feel that we deliver what has been promised (grade 4.1),” Alppivuori says.

”One of our targets with the survey is to find development areas and thereby, to develop our customer experience and services even better”, says Robert Grafford, SVP Sales Sweden. “We believe that by listening to our customers, we are able to provide services in which our customers are truly satisfied and which support their business the best possible way,” Grafford concludes.