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Enfo enables Zero Waste Stockholm to grow with tailored CRM solution for NGOs

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Zero Waste Stockholm


Reducing the ecological footprint and the amount of waste society generates is crucial to securing a sustainable future. The mission for NGO Zero Waste Stockholm is to inspire people to minimize the amount of waste they generate. With support from Enfo, the organisation will now be able to increase its impact by automating and managing donations and donor data on a large scale using a Salesforce relationship management system.

The worldwide non-governmental organization Zero Waste works to inspire people to reduce waste and their own ecological footprint. The organization sees waste awareness as the first step in this journey. Zero Waste Stockholm was in need of a structured and automated way to work with their partners, donors, members and volunteers to be able to maximize their reach. They saw a specific demand for a flexible relationship management tool to help them develop their relationship with their target group and increase zero waste awareness.

To support these efforts, Enfo initiated a pro-bono project helping Zero Waste to implement a Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) relationship management platform tailored for NGOs. With the new system, Zero Waste Stockholm was able to automate their administrative work and enhance the management of their donor data to collect more fundraising in the end.

“We very much appreciate Enfo’s initiative to implement a relationship management system which is a key for growing our organization and its impact. As a non-profit organization driven 100 percent by volunteers, we have very limited resources. We can now take the next step with a system which will be the basis for our further growth,” says Vincent Lecoanet, board member and part of the project team at Zero Waste Stockholm.

In two months, the NGO was able to use the relationship management system to its full advantage. This was made possible as all users had been involved from the start and given training by Enfo. The short implementation period was especially valuable as the system was ready to be utilized in time for Christmas which usually generates an increased amount of donations.

“One of Enfo’s core values is trust and we seek partnerships in customer relations and long-term cooperations to help build a better society and a more sustainable world. This also supports our focus on responsible digital development and business. We are therefore happy to support Zero Waste Stockholm in their work to reduce the ecological footprint,” says Tomi Koskinen, SVP Business Applications at Enfo.

“By managing donations and donors in a streamlined CRM system, they will now be able to scale and make an even larger impact to ensure a better future for all of us,” Tomi Koskinen continues.

The project now goes over to a support phase where Enfo will be Zero Waste Stockholm’s Salesforce admin, making sure the management of donations and contacts continues to run effectively and contribute to increased waste awareness in the region.

About the Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack

The relationship management solution Salesforce NPSP, Non-Profit Success Pack, was built for, and together with, non-profit organisations. It comes with out-of-the box functions and a data model that is suitable to help non-profit organisations streamline their work and thus create a bigger impact. Read more about Enfo's Salesforce CRM solutions.


For more information, please contact:

Stina Thor, Sr. Communications Manager, Sweden

Vincent Lecoanet, Board Member
Zero Waste Stockholm


Zero Waste Stockholm
Zero Waste is an association 100% driven by volunteers. The mission is to inspire Stockholmers to reduce their ecological footprint and the amount of waste they generate. Zero Waste sees waste awareness as a first step on the journey to sustainability.

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