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Press release

Enfo renews its strategy to capture profitable growth

Enfo is renewing its strategy with focus on digital trust, data and analytics, and cloud services. Enfo’s aim is to be the most trusted companion within IT for customers and employees in building and running technology solutions on cloud. 

“Today, businesses and societies rely on data. Managing and making sense of the data, while at the same time moving to cloud, is becoming increasingly complex. We want to be known as our clients’ trusted partner in building secure, data-driven businesses on cloud. With the new strategy, we will prioritize digital, social, environmental, and financial responsibility in everything we do. Our new purpose is ‘We work for a more sustainable and intelligent tomorrow’,” comments Mikko Valorinta, Enfo’s CEO. 

“The post-COVID market looks quite promising, with cloudification driving a lot of the transformation. We have identified three domains where we expect double-digit growth during the next years. These are digital trust, data and analytics, and cloud services,” Valorinta continues. 

Enfo has defined four Accelerators to drive profitable growth in 2022-2024: Engaged employees, Efficiency in operations, Evergreen services, and Expanding as One Enfo. The Accelerators are all linked to Enfo’s corporate responsibility approach with company values at the core. Enfo’s aim is to put even more focus on customer satisfaction. 

“Our thing is to deliver what we promise. We get good feedback from our customers on our deep expertise and collaborative approach. Going forward, we also want to be known for our proactiveness.”

Enfo’s new employee value promise emphasizes development, work-life balance and good leadership in an inclusive culture. Enfo has also decided to initiate a Diversity, equity and inclusion plan. 

“We have set ourselves the ambitious targets of excellent customer satisfaction (+95% recommendation rate) and employee engagement (eNPS>40). We firmly believe these form the foundation for profitable growth, and we aim for an EBITA of >8% in 2024 and organic CAGR of >8% in 2024,” Valorinta comments.