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Press release

Enfo announces plans to demerge into two independent companies

The planned demerger is intended to sharpen the positioning of Enfo’s consulting and IT Services businesses to create stronger conditions for their growth, enable developing their operations more effectively and make them more attractive to their respective customers and employees.

The Board of Directors of Enfo Oyj plans to pursue the separation of Enfo Oyj’s consulting business into a new independent, limited company (“Enfo Consulting”) through a partial demerger:

  • “Enfo Consulting” would consist of Enfo Oyj’s current consultancy business areas Applications & Data Sweden, Data & Analytics Finland and Digital Trust Sweden, as well as the Business Application business unit and all of Enfo Oyj’s subsidiaries, such as Enfo Sweden AB, which would remain legal entities under Enfo Consulting. Enfo Consulting is planned to be rebranded and the new brand and company name are expected to be published during spring 2023. Enfo’s consultancy businesses operate in Finland and Sweden. In 2021, they employed 469 persons, with net sales totaling approximately EUR 68.3 million.
  • The remaining Enfo Oyj would consist of Enfo Oyj’s current Care & Data Platform IT Services business (“Enfo IT Services”), encompassing platform services (both private & public cloud and data center), end user services and business support services. Enfo IT Services would continue to operate under the Enfo brand. In 2021, Enfo’s IT Services business employed 280 persons in Finland and its net sales were approximately EUR 36.7 million.

“The planned demerger is a continuation of Enfo’s growth strategy as it is intended to sharpen the positioning of both businesses to create stronger conditions for their growth. It is also expected to improve their competitiveness as both entities could better serve and meet the specific needs of their customers, while also providing attractive career opportunities to the employees. At the same time, both entities could continue to build their business on the current megatrends of data growth, cloudification and value of digital trust, helping our customers win in the data-driven future,” says Mikko Valorinta, CEO of Enfo Oyj.

“We fully support the decision to pursue the separation of Enfo’s consultancy and IT services businesses into two independent companies. The planned demerger is in line with our ownership strategy, and we believe it would unleash the growth potential of both companies, benefiting Enfo, its customers as well as its shareholders,” says Anssi Lehikoinen, CEO of Osuuskunta KPY (“KPY”), the majority shareholder of Enfo Oyj. “If the demerger is completed as planned, KPY is, in accordance with its ownership policy, planning to look for business and ownership partners for both companies to strengthen their profitable growth. We see a lot of potential in Enfo and in its expertise. We believe that the demerger would create interesting opportunities, also when looking for partners with whom we can further develop the businesses,” Lehikoinen continues.

Rationale for the demerger

Currently, Enfo’s consulting businesses focus on the Swedish and Finnish market, while Enfo’s IT Services business operates in Finland. The customer segments as well as operating and delivery models for Enfo’s consulting and IT Services businesses also differ from each other. After the contemplated demerger, both Enfo IT Services and Enfo Consulting could develop their operations more effectively in their respective markets. The planned demerger is expected to unleash the growth potential in both entities:

  • The demerger would sharpen the focus and enable unlocking the value of both businesses for shareholders.
  • The demerger would enable both Enfo Consulting and Enfo IT Services to better capitalize on their distinct business opportunities and apply their different operating models to serve the needs of their customers even better.
  • The more streamlined and better integrated offering would make both businesses more attractive for customers, existing employees and future talents.
  • The demerger would clarify the equity stories of both businesses as they have very different value creation profiles, making it easier to potentially expand their shareholder bases and raise new capital.

General terms and schedule of the demerger

The intention is that following the demerger Enfo’s current CEO Mikko Valorinta would be appointed as the CEO of Enfo Consulting and that Nina Annila, EVP of Enfo’s Care & Data Platforms business area and a member of Enfo’s Management Team since 2018, would be appointed as the CEO of Enfo Oyj.

Enfo’s current Group functions, including People & Culture, Marketing & Communications, Finance and ICT and Legal and management support, would be divided between the two companies. Group functions employed 45 persons in 2021.

The planned demerger is not expected to have any immediate effects on the existing customers of Enfo’s IT Services or consulting businesses, or the services provided by them. The businesses continue close co-operation in servicing their existing and future customers. 

General terms of the demerger are included in the Demerger Plan approved by Enfo Oyj’s Board of Directors on 25 November 2022. The Demerger Plan is subject to approval by Enfo’s Extraordinary General Meeting, expected to be held in the first quarter of 2023. The planned demerger is expected to become effective in the second quarter of 2023. Upon the completion of the planned demerger, Enfo’s largest shareholder Osuuskunta KPY would hold approximately 86% of shares in both Enfo Consulting and the remaining Enfo Oyj, consisting of Enfo IT Services business operations.

Further information:

Osuuskunta KPY’s press release about the demerger (in Finnish)

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