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Press release

Enfo's board is being renewed

Osuuskunta KPY streamlines the management of its subsidiaries, and Enfo’s board is being renewed. The goal is to improve the flow of information, streamline decision-making and strengthen the common and overall view between KPY and the group's subsidiaries. The board of KPY’s subsidiary Voimatel will also be renewed.

KPY CEO Anssi Lehikoinen has been appointed as the new chairperson of the boards of Enfo and its subsidiary Epical Finland Oy (current name Enfo New Ventures Oy, registration of new name pending) and KPY's investment director Kirsi Huusko and KPY's legal affairs director Teemu Pieviläinen have been appointed as board members.

The board appointment was made at Enfo's general meeting on June 22, 2023.

Further information:

Anssi Lehikoinen