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Enfo delivers network solutions for many needs

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Immo Piippo


Smooth business life requires efficient network services. Enfo delivers network solutions that reach to all customer sites, data, devices of employees, and integrated partners - wherever connections are needed.

Enfo's expert service supported by Cisco's high-quality products

Enfo implements network solutions using technology from Cisco, the world's best-known and longest-standing network and communications technology company favored and widely used by many customers.

Business Development Manager Immo Piippo, who has worked at Enfo for more than a decade, confirms that Cisco, as a long-term and constantly evolving supplier, offers working support contract models and a wide range of products. Business continuity has also been taken into account in the product portfolio.

"Cisco has a solution for practically all network needs - everything can be done through Cisco's hardware and services. Another significant advantage is the range of additional services that support security and services that promote the benefits of the cloud."

Network services can be provided as a stand-alone service or as a part of outsourced IT services, as required. Enfo has the capability to produce network management service around the clock. Data communication and network solutions are implemented at Enfo by a team of experts whose versatile know-how is valued by customers. Network functionality is a prerequisite for customers' business.

A long-term partnership with Cisco supports the accumulation of expertise, and both new implementations and potential challenges are solved proficiently. Enfo manages very demanding customer environments in both on the public and private sectors.

Flexibly scalable service packages

The scope of the network services can be modified and scaled according to the customer's needs, from lightweight, one-off solutions to large-scale packages. For example, Cisco's Meraki product family offers cost-effective overall solutions that, due to their customization, are suitable for companies of many sizes.

"Cisco's Meraki solutions are suitable for a wide range of needs, including SD-WAN and security solutions. Our typical ‘turnkey’ services are precisely Meraki solutions, as they are highly productized, cost-effective and highly customizable. A fairly typical solution built with Meraki includes local area network services, wireless network services and SD-WAN, i.e. the entire company network. More traditional network equipment solutions include the Cisco Catalyst product family," says Immo Piippo.

Solutions for the need

Enfo's services are always based on customer and needs orientation: “The starting point is always to plan and select the right solution for the right place together with the customer, human to human. We are a suitably sized operator that’s easy to work with, in addition to the fact that we produce our services at the agreed and high-quality level," says Piippo.

According to Piippo, customers have also praised Enfo's quick reacting and the fact that everything can be handled by a single vendor:

"Our customers have been satisfied that they can get everything through one door. Through Enfo, the customer receives a support service and everyday continuity and can also handle all commercial matters related to Cisco directly through us. Enfo is a one-stop shop for service covering all hardware and technology, and a point of contact with the client. A rapid response to potential malfunction situations around the clock, every day of the year, brings real value and operational reliability to the customer. We are able to produce our services at a really strict service level."

If one had to highlight three things to consider when it comes to network solutions, Piippo would summarize them like this:

  1. Design an appropriately sized but scalable solution.
  2. At first, implement management and data security features just as much as you need, but make sure that there are options for future needs.
  3. Choose a trusted service partner who can help with the above.
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Enfo's partner TD SYNNEX is one of the world's largest ICT wholesalers and has been a leading distributor of Cisco products in Finland for over 20 years. TD SYNNEX is Enfo's partner for Cisco business development and security project support.

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