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Strong processes and high-quality carry through change

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At the heart of IT-provider Enfo's services is the continuity of service production and thus the business of our customers. "We are like a blood supply: if it stops, almost everything stops," says Nina Annila, Enfo's Business Director. During the business separation change in 2023, Enfo has focused on keeping its production processes and management system in order. The aim was to identify the necessary, essential change points and to implement the internal changes with the least possible impact on stakeholders and customers.

Enfo's operational quality management is based on the ISO 9001 management system. The certificates are a sign of the professionalism of the operator: the vendor meets the latest requirements and guarantees that the quality of services and operations is at a standardised level. The latest follow-up audit of Enfo's quality and management system ISO 9001 was carried out in autumn 2023, following the separation of Enfo's and Epical's businesses. The audit's convincing pass rate and the encouraging comments in the final report prove that, despite the changes, Enfo's priorities have remained clear and its ability to deliver a first-class service to its customers is under control.

Enfo has been ISO 9001 certified for well over ten years. When auditing certifications, evidence of compliance with processes and management models must be found. Enfo's descriptions and documentation have met the requirements. Annila is proud of Enfo's ability to prioritise and focus on the essentials, even in change situations. Standardisation also supports renewal, as Annila sums up, "a strong operating model makes it easy to look at what needs to be changed".

Enfo was praised in the latest follow-up audit for its clear decision to focus on business continuity. Instead of setting completely new goals and directions at the same time as the organisational change, Enfo has focused on the change itself and on delivering services to customers as usual. "In connection with the separation of the businesses, we carried out a strategy update, in which we decided to focus on existing services and the growth already underway during the transition. We focused on three key success factors: engaged personnel, satisfied customers and excellent operations," says Annila. The change situation has been well managed against the quality and management system. "The impact of the change has been understood. We haven't set out to find something new and specific, but have thought about what is worth touching and what is not. We have managed to carry out the separation in an orderly way, while maintaining the important things," Annila sums up.

Standards play an important role in Enfo's operations and, for example, the ISO 27001 certificate, which focuses on information security, will be renewed again this year. The importance of information security is reflected in the context of Enfo's strategy focus: information security and related issues were identified as one of Enfo's sustainability priorities. The cornerstone of the strategy, the customer promise, strongly remains: "Results you want, people you love working with."