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9/10 of Enfo’s customer companies would recommend Enfo

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According to a customer survey completed in December 2023, 9 out of 10 respondents would be willing to recommend Enfo. Enfo actively monitors customer satisfaction and develops its activities to meet customer needs.

Enfo’s 60th year in business is off to a good start: Enfo’s customer survey showed that customer satisfaction levels remain at a familiar, high level. Companies that have chosen Enfo feel that they are working with the right partner. Even 84 % of individual respondents are willing to recommend Enfo to provide IT services. Overall satisfaction to Enfo as a partner, which is considered a demanding measure in continuous service production, received a rating of 3.93 (scale 1 to 5). Enfo’s customers value its expertise, flexibility and reliability. Customers especially praised the smooth cooperation, friendliness and service-oriented attitude of Enfo personnel.

The results of several survey rounds have already shown that persistent long-term partnerships increase customer satisfaction: once the cooperation is settled, the customer experience increases. Project-based transitions with new customers keep Enfo agile and provide learning possibilities that improve Enfo's performance. Longer partnerships, on the other hand, challenge continuous development and process optimization. Enfo's longest customer relationship has lasted for a staggering 60 years, throughout Enfo history.

"I am very pleased with the good result. This is a great way to start Enfo's anniversary year. Customer feedback is very valuable to us, and I would like to thank every single respondent. The results tell us that we have succeeded in our main mission to deliver the results our clients want and that we are a pleasure to work with. This trust is redeemed every day, and it is something we really enjoy working for with our customers", says Sanna Mari Alppivuori, SVP,  Customers and Communications at Enfo.

Due to the separations of Enfo and the Epical in June 2023, the customer survey was conducted once during the year instead of twice previously. Tens of Finnish customer companies were represented among the respondents to Enfo's customer survey, with a total of 98 individual responses. The results will be used for development both at the customer and entire customer base level.