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Enfo – 60 Years of Trusted IT Services

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Enfo 60


Enfo celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. We are proud and delighted to reach this milestone together with our fantastic employees, customers, partners, and owners. Our direction remains strongly forward-looking! At 60 years old, Enfo's IT business continues to provide essential IT services to our customers' businesses, ensuring their operational capability and continuity. Our subsidiary Epical, which has emerged through the expansion of our business, operates independently, and focuses on managing customer data. This anniversary offers an excellent opportunity to start reflect on the journey we have undertaken in Enfo's IT services.

In the early 1960s, computers were rapidly evolving, and these machines arrived in Finland as well. On Wednesday, February 12, 1964, seven companies in the Savo region founded Tietosavo Oy. The initiative stemmed from the need and enthusiasm to utilize new technological opportunities, leading to the establishment of a regional computer center. When it began, Tietosavo (now Enfo Oy) was the first IT service center operating outside the Helsinki metropolitan area and a pioneer in IT service business in Finland (Wikipedia).

Data center services remain one of the strongest components of our offerings today, and we are a significant player in the Finnish capacity platform field. Alongside data center capacity, we have introduced cloud capacity solutions over the past decade, and our service portfolio has expanded to meet our customers' IT needs comprehensively. Our offerings cover platform services (public and private cloud, as well as data centers), network solutions, end-user services, and cybersecurity services. Our IT service business focuses on Finnish market, and is led by Nina Annila, EVP, IT Services.

Since 2006, our main owner and parent company has been Osuuskunta KPY. Enfo is part of the Momentum strategy, which focuses on KPY's ownership. Over 60 years, Enfo has evolved from a domestic data center operator to a Nordic IT player, boldly venturing into new territories geographically and in terms of expertise and technologies. Simultaneously, we have been willing to divest from businesses when necessary to sharpen our focus. “Throughout our growth journey, Enfo's core has been offering agile IT services tailored to our customers' needs within their ecosystems, a position we will continue to uphold”, says Nina Annila.

Demand for IT services can be divided into basic needs and services that every company must implement to operate, as well as ongoing development of the IT environment. At Enfo, we address both of these areas. Our growth opportunities lie in cost-effectively developing and growing alongside our customers in basic services and in developing our customers' IT environments. We collaborate closely with our technology vendors and partners, providing our customers with access to technological development opportunities. Sanna Mari Alppivuori, SVP, MarCom & CX, states, "Our expertise is valued, and according to measurements, customers are willing to recommend us, which, combined with long-term customer relationships, provides a strong foundation for our development."

Over the years, we have grown into a community of over 300 experts. Our reliable expertise is valued, and we are objectively one of the best partners for our customers. Our core message and mission are to work towards a more sustainable and secure future. Our customer promise is: Results you want. People you love to work with.

We want to thank each former and current employee for their contribution to Enfo's success. We warmly thank all our customers who have journeyed with us over the years. It is great to see that the journey continues with very many of you. It's enjoyable to be with us, and our longest customer relationship is as long as our own history. Our partners and various network actors are important to us in realizing our value chain, and we look forward to seamless collaboration also in the future. We also welcome all needed future collaboration opportunities and talents to join us in continuing the journey.

We will kick off the celebration of our anniversary from our actual founding day on February 12, and we will celebrate this milestone during the year with both our staff and customers.

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