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Qivada, Enfo's new subsidiary, accelerates the development of data analytics through automation

Automation can be used to improve the efficiency of data utilization in business. The Enfo Analytics Development Accelerator (ADA) service aims to do this: it speeds up the development of analytics solutions by up to 70%. Enfo is now separating ADA into a separate subsidiary, making the service available to everyone.

As a byproduct of business processes, data is generated that can be used in many ways. This requires further processing of data, such as classification, consolidation and refining into a new format. Much of the development work needed to build the solution can be automated, allowing the data to be utilized more quickly. At the same time, data processing is made easier, along with reducing the workload and potential for human error. The traceability of data is also to be improved.

Enfo's ADA service provides companies and organizations with a solution for automating data analytics. This is a SaaS cloud service that runs on Azure's data platform. ADA connects to Azure analytics solutions such as Azure Purview, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Databricks. The app produced by ADA is directly deployed into Azure analytics solutions, so users are not locked into the tool or vendor.

Enfo is transferring ADA to a new subsidiary, where Enfo’s Executive Vice President, Data & Analytics Finland Sami Kähkönen will act as a CEO in addition to his current duties. Tero Tiensuu is responsible for the ADA service.

"Qivada has been chosen as the name of the company. The name is derived from the word pair kiva (‘nice’ in Finnish) and ADA. The name reflects the ease and meaningfulness of the work made possible by automation," Kähkönen says. "The separation of ADA into a separate subsidiary will enable wider use of the service. ADA provides our partners and customers with an express route to deploy and manage Azure's data platform. In the future, all service providers will be able to take advantage of ADA, which will enhance the spread of technology."

ADA has been available on Azure's marketplace for some time, and the service already has several customers in both Finland and Sweden. For example, Basware Oyj, which specializes in electronic invoicing, has used it to improve reporting to customers. "ADA significantly accelerated the development work, and the transition from data modeling to testing and results took place in a straightforward manner. The service is easy to recommend," says Marko Lähde, Business Solutions Director at Basware.

The ADA service is based on Enfo's strong expertise in data analytics and Azure analytics solutions. As proof of this expertise, in May 2021 Microsoft awarded the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization award to Enfo, which had previously been received by only nine companies worldwide.

Additional information:

Sami Kähkönen, EVP, Data & Analytics, Enfo Oyj , +358 40 547 6478,

Tero Tiensuu, Partner, Product Development, Qivada Oy, +358 45 121 9803,