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The New Enfo Board of Directors

Enfo Oyj has chosen a new board of directors at an additional general meeting. New appointments include Tarja Tikkanen, Pekka Loikkanen and Juha Yrjänheikki, who are all also part of the KPY Executive Board. Furthermore, KPY CEO Anssi Lehikoinen will remain as an observer to the board of directors. The board chose Tarja Tikkanen as its chairperson.

Commercial Counsellor Tarja Tikkanen serves as the chair on KPY’s and KPY Novapolis’ boards and as a board member at Savon Voima. She is also a partner at board governance and owner-board-management chain development specialists Boardman as well as chair of the Boardman alumni board. Over the course of her diverse career, Tikkanen has, for example, worked in management positions in banking and finance both in Finland and abroad.

Master of Economic Sciences Pekka Loikkanen is the vice chair of the KPY Executive Board and board member at OP Cooperative, Voimatel and BLC Turva. He’s previously had a long career as a KHT-approved auditor, partner and chair of the board at PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy.

PhD Juha Yrjänheikki has a strong background in international business. He is the founder and CEO of Aurealis Therapeutics AG in the medical sector, a serial entrepreneur in biotech and an investor. Yrjänheikki has previously served, for instance, as the CEO of Charles River Finland Oy and Cerebricon Oy and also as a professor of practice at the University of Eastern Finland. He is a board member at KPY and KPY Novapolis.

As stated in Enfo’s and KPY’s press releases on 29 November 2022, Enfo is planning a partial demerger to separate its consulting business into an independent limited company. KPY supports Enfo’s plan and believes that it would create more opportunities for Enfo to increase the profitability of its business operations. KPY estimates that the planned partial demerger would pave the way for more precision in the beneficial development of consulting and data centre operations.

‘As previously stated, the demerger would be a significant event not only for Enfo but also for KPY as the owner of around 86 per cent of Enfo. In this scenario, KPY wants to take more responsibility over Enfo’s business development, bolster our corporate governance and become more active in the Enfo Board of Directors. It’s important for us to ensure that both Enfo’s growth strategy and KPY’s ownership strategy can be implemented effectively’, explains Tarja Tikkanen.

Tikkanen adds that the new board will continue to execute Enfo’s current strategy in close co-operation with operations management and that these board appointments will not affect the company’s personnel or client relations. ‘Enfo’s operations will continue as planned. Should the demerger move forward, Enfo and the newly formed independent consulting company can, of course, specify their own goals’, Tikkanen concludes.

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Tarja Tikkanen, Chairperson of the Enfo Board,, +358400185926

Mikko Valorinta, CEO, Enfo Oyj,, +358400997257