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Enfo’s corporate responsibility mission is to be the obvious choice as an employer and supplier through responsible digital development and business. For Enfonians, this means empowerment, continuous development and Enfo being a workplace to love. For our customers, this means enabling sustainable and responsible business-critical solutions in a cross-platform environment.

For Enfo, sustainability is about creating long-term value for itself and its customers by integrating environmental, social and financial opportunities and risks into strategy and operations.

We want to be the obvious choice as an employer and supplier through responsible digital development and business.


Mikko Valorinta

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CEO at Enfo
UN Sustainable Development Goals


UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity adopted by UN General Assembly and supported by the Sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Our ambition is to contribute to all SDGs in our activities, but to focus on those most relevant for our business where we can contribute the most. For Enfo, this means focusing on:

• (4) quality education

• (5) gender equality

• (8) decent work and economic growth

• (9) industry, innovation and infrastructure

• (12) responsible consumption and production

• (13) climate action

Enfo’s corporate responsibility approach

We see the importance of being socially, financially and environmentally responsible in our daily work. This is reflected in our values, policies and the way we do business.

Enfo's CR approach
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Business ethics and integrity


Whistleblower reporting

At Enfo, we live by our values and our Code of Conduct. We are committed to ethical and responsible con­duct in all our operations, and we value the safety and respect of everyone affected by our business. Enfo’s whistleblowing channel can be used to inform about any violations of cases of misconduct, such as bribery or corruption, other illegal activities, acts or actions in violation of Enfo’s Code of Conduct. It is provided by an external partner and encrypted to ensure full anonymity.

Arcanys Early Learning Foundation



Arcanys Early Learning Foundation in the Philippines provides free parent-child coaching programs for disadvantaged families to teach basic math and logic. We are proud to support Arcanys in their initiatives to enable early education for a brighter future.


Arcanys Early Learning Foundation

Annual report 2021


Read more about Enfo’s CR reporting in our Annual Report.

Environmental policy


We are committed to implementing, maintaining and continuously improving our environmental management system. The main contributors to Enfo’s environmental impact are its data centers, other premises and travel.

Code of Conduct


As an IT services company, we are in the business of trust. We enable our customers’ data-driven business transformation and strive for a more intelligent Nordics. Our success relies on the confidence our customers and stakeholders have in us, and every Enfonian has a critical role in building and maintaining that trust.

Anti-Corruption Policy


The purpose of Enfo's Anti-Corruption Policy is to provide further guidance and instructions regarding corruption and conflicts of interest by outlining unacceptable behavior in order to prevent and detect corruption.