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Enfo renewed its 14001 certification on environmental management system


Data Quality


Enfo has renewed its ISO 14001 certification concerning its environmental management system. In addition, in an external interim audit, Enfo has confirmed its ISO 9001 certification related to quality management.

“These certifications proof that Enfo has a structured approach towards environmental and quality management. In the audits, we got positive feedback on actions taken as well as valuable input for improvement, which we will act upon,” comments General Counsel Antti Hemmilä.

ISO 14001 (environment) covers the whole Group, while the ISO 9001 (quality) certification currently covers business areas Data platforms and Care in Finland. However, Enfo aims at implementing ISO 9001 best practices throughout the whole Group.

The audits identified two minor deviations, one related to the vendor selection process and the other related to internal audits. Corrective plans regarding these deviations have now been approved. The audits took place in September and were carried out by Kiwa Inspecta.